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This product is an acid based disinfectant bathroom toilet bowl cleaner, especially formulated to kill many germs commonly found in hospital, industrial and institutional environments. This product contains a high level of acid, together with an acid compatible detergent system, which facilitates the easy removal of resistant stains and permits its disinfectant action. Removes lime, hard water stains, rust, urinary salts and heavy build up. Cleans as it changes color from green to blue. Hospital strength. Floral fragrance. Leaves the bowls and urinals sparkling fresh.

Where to Use – For use on toilet bowls and urinals made of porcelain or vitreous china. This product is not for use on medical device surfaces. Do not use this product on sinks, bathtubs or any other surfaces except toilets and urinals. Use of this toilet bowl cleaner on other than vitreous ware is done at user’s risk.

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